How to Consume Cannabis Concentrates


Cannabis concentrate consumers are increasingly numerous thanks to the advances in equipment available on the market allowing the production of good quality homemade cannabis resin extractions. Here, fans of Rosin or BHO can find various different methods to consume their extracts.

Spread on rolling paper (Twax Joint)

One of the simplest and probably one of the oldest methods, in the 70’s, consumers of honey oil made with alcohol would smoke it by smearing some onto a cigarette.

Now in 2018 consumer habits have evolved somewhat. The Twax Joint has become famous across instagram and it’s frequent to see increasingly complex and highly decorative spliffs covered with various different types of cannabis oil, it seems there are no limits to the creativity and imagination of cannabis users.

When consuming this type of joint, we should take some care not let the oil drip off and fall to the ground, we will have to hold the joint in an upright position to ensure the oil flows onto the paper.

Twax Joints

On a vaporiser screen

Some vaporisers such as the Volcano or the Firefly allow us, thanks to a specialised screen, to vaporise BHO or Rosin type cannabis oils of high purity. The flavours are preserved perfectly and we obtain the same benefits as in the vaporisation of cannabis buds. A particularly healthy method of consumption.

Mixed with e-liquids

More and more we see people who regularly consume e-liquids thanks to the ubiquity of electronic cigarettes. It didn’t take long for us to see the emergence of cannabis-based mixtures. This enables us to vaporise in a discreet, efficient and tasty way by mixing BHO or Rosin with E-liquids, producing huge clouds of vapour at our leisure.

You can easily and conveniently make your own e-liquids using your own extractions with the Wax Liquidizer, a product specially designed for this use.

Wax Liquidizer

Inhaled with a Pen type vaporiser

Another discrete method that allows direct consumption of any type of concentrate is the use of portable vaporisers specially designed for cannabis extractions.

They are usually composed of an atomiser with a heating element that directly heats the cannabis concentrate. The flavours are not as well preserved as in some other methods of consumption despite the fact that some brands offer ceramic or quartz atomisers.

If you are interested in this method of consumption, we recommend that you try it with the Atmos Studio Rig or the Muad Dib.

Inhaled in the form of Dab

Done properly, this is an ideal method for those who want to make the most of their extractions, both in terms of the enjoyment of the terpene content and the potency of effect of the concentration of cannabinoids.

We will need a Bubbler equipped with a nail to be able to vaporise the concentrate. The nail is heated with a torch, or alternatively with an electronic heating element and controller (e-nail).

The disadvantage of this method of consumption is that it is far from convenient, requiring specialist and relatively bulky equipment, making it not a particularly discrete way to consume. If you like to consume quietly at home and enjoy the flavours and effects of your concentrates, then an e-nail is the ideal choice, good examples being the Herborizer titanium system or the Vaporite V-nail.

You can learn more about borosilicate glass bubblers and the art of glassblowing in our article about Red Bubble Glass, a Spanish functional glass artist.

Impregnated in a cannabis bud

Caviar Gold or Moon Rocks are cannabis bud infused with BHO type oil. Caviar Gold is generally taken to mean a bud with oil only, while Moon Rocks have not only the oil, but also an extra layer of dry sift or wax on the outside, making for some unforgettable cannabis buds, both visually and in terms of effect.

Ideally, choose a dense, solid bud so that the oil can stick evenly on the entire nug. The oil must be liquid enough to stick easily on the plant material. Different results can be obtained by letting the imagination run free and using all the potential offered by the cannabis plant.

We hope that this article has helped you to discover some new methods to consume your BHO or Rosin cannabis concentrates.

Happy vaping/dabbing/smoking!